Stephen Thomas, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Greenwich, on why he believes business and governments would be wrong to place their faith in the latest generation of nuclear reactor - the EPR.


Chris Baugh, Assistant General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union offers a trade unionist perspective on the nuclear power debate.



Gerry Wolff from Energy Fair on why the subsidies received by the nuclear power industry mask its true cost to society. 


Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, on the history of the anti-nuclear movement in Wales and whether nuclear energy still has a part to play in today's world.


Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland looks at the nuclear industry's use of that most precious of resources - water.

Linda Gunter


Linda Pentz Gunter from American advocacy group Beyond Nuclear takes a closer look at the French nuclear industry and explains why she believes it's far from the success story many people think it is.


Eric Epstein, from Three Mile Island Alert in Pennsylvania, recalls the evacuation that followed America's worst ever nuclear accident in March 1979.



Chatham House nuclear analyst Malcolm Grimston explains why he believes the nuclear industry has made itself an easy target for people's fears. 

Linda Walker, from the Chernobyl Children's Project, reveals the ongoing legacy of the world's worst nuclear disaster for those most heavily affected by radiation. 

Crispin AubreyCrispin Aubrey from the Stop Hinkley campaign reacts to EDF's plans for 'preliminary works' at Hinkley Point.

Note: this blog was written in 2011. Crispin sadly passed away in 2012, but we've kept this blog live in tribute to his memory

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