An intense audio experience taking the audience on a journey through 50 years of incidents and accidents as reported at Sellafield, the UK's largest nuclear site. 3 mins.


10,000 years in the future, a warning rings out from the far-distant nuclear past. Stop-motion animation based on genuine US government research into how to warn future generations of the presence of radioactive waste. 2 mins.



Poet Danny Chivers' casts a satirical eye over the choice of nuclear power as a solution to the problem of climate change. 4 mins.


Animated song taking a wry look at the Bush administration's attitudes to Iran's nuclear ambitions. Can civil nuclear power really be separated from nuclear weapons? 3 mins.



The behind-the-scenes story of former British Energy Secretary Tony Benn’s transformation from the nuclear industry’s political master, to one of its most passionate critics. 8 mins.



The catalogue of errors, accidents and safety violations, including the accidental release of radioactive particles onto a local beach, at Dounreay power plant in the Scottish Highlands. 12 mins.


Uncovering the devastating but largely ignored effects of decades of uranium mining for the nuclear industry on the Navajo people of New Mexico and Arizona. (Note: Only the trailer for The Yellow Monster is currently available online). 14 mins.



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